It Happened One Night

Say, I didn't know it was anything like this.
You see, I've got...

What's the matter? You getting yellow?
I'm a married man. I got a couple of kids.
I can't afford to get...

Pipe down your mug before I...
What are you trying to do,
tell the whole world about it?

Listen, you're into this thing
and you're staying in, get me?

You know too much.
I won't say anything, honest I won't.
How do I know that?
I got a notion to plug you.

- Why should I take a chance with you?
- Trust me, mister. I'll keep my mouth shut.

What's your name?
Oscar Shapeley.
- Where do you live?
- Orange, New Jersey.

Got a couple of kids?
Yes, sir. Just babies.
A little golden-haired girl.

- You love them, don't you?
- Yes, I do.

You wouldn't. You're not thinking of...
- You keep your trap shut, all right?
- Sure.

- Lf you don't...
- I'll keep my trap shut. I will.

You ever hear of Bugs Dooley?
Bugs Dooley? No.
He was a nice guy, just like you.
And he made a big mistake one day.

Got a little too talkative.
- You know what happened to his kid?
- No.

I can't tell you. But when Bugs heard
about it he blew his brains out.

That's terrible.
He had it coming to him.
He talked too much. I never talk.

I never say a word. Word of honour.
I wouldn't want anything
to happen to my kids.

Okay. Just remember that.
Now beat it.
Sure, mister. Thanks.
I always knew you guys were...

Come on, scram.
And stay away from that bus.

Sure. Anything you say.
- You wouldn't shoot me in the back?
- Lf you don't beat it...

I'm going.
What's wrong?
Why do we have to leave the bus?

Come on. Don't ask so many questions.