It Happened One Night

Got a little too talkative.
- You know what happened to his kid?
- No.

I can't tell you. But when Bugs heard
about it he blew his brains out.

That's terrible.
He had it coming to him.
He talked too much. I never talk.

I never say a word. Word of honour.
I wouldn't want anything
to happen to my kids.

Okay. Just remember that.
Now beat it.
Sure, mister. Thanks.
I always knew you guys were...

Come on, scram.
And stay away from that bus.

Sure. Anything you say.
- You wouldn't shoot me in the back?
- Lf you don't beat it...

I'm going.
What's wrong?
Why do we have to leave the bus?

Come on. Don't ask so many questions.
Poor old Shapeley. You shouldn't have
frightened him like that.

At the rate he's going, he's probably
crossed two state lines by this time.

Why did we have to leave the bus?
When Shapeley stops running,
he's going to start thinking, isn't he?

I've been doing a little thinking myself.
The next town we come to,
you better wire your father.

What's the matter, are you weakening?
No. I was just thinking of you.
A starvation diet may not agree with you.

Did you give that child all your money?
I gave him nothing.
You were the big-hearted gal.

All the money I had was that ten spot.
So I've been thinking
you better wire your father.

No, sir. I started out for New York
and I'm going to get there...

...if I have to starve all the way.
What is this strange power
this man Westley has over you women?

Here, take these.
- Hold on to them. Get up on that log.
- That?

Get up on the log.