It Happened One Night

I wish you'd stop being playful.
So sorry. You know, this is the first time
in years I've ridden piggyback.

This isn't piggyback.
- Of course it is.
- You're crazy.

I remember distinctly my father
taking me for a piggyback ride.

- And he carried you like this?
- Yes.

Your father didn't know beans
about piggyback riding.

My uncle has four children.
I've seen them ride piggyback.

I'll bet there isn't a good
piggyback rider in your family.

I never knew a rich man
who could piggyback ride.

You're prejudiced.
Show me a good piggy backer.
I'll show you a real human.

Take Abraham Lincoln for instance.
A natural born piggy backer.

Where do you get off with
that stuffed-shirt family of yours?

My father was a great piggy backer.
Here, hold this a minute.
Thank you.
How long does this keep up?
My feet are killing me.

This looks like the best spot.
We're not going to sleep out here, are we?
I don't know about you,
but I'm going to give a good imitation of it.

I'm awfully hungry.
It's just your imagination.
No it isn't.
I'm hungry and scared.
You can't be hungry
and scared both at the same time.

Well, I am.
If you're scared,
it scares the hunger out of you.

Not if you're more hungry than scared.
All right, you win. Let's forget about it.