It Happened One Night

Thank you.
How long does this keep up?
My feet are killing me.

This looks like the best spot.
We're not going to sleep out here, are we?
I don't know about you,
but I'm going to give a good imitation of it.

I'm awfully hungry.
It's just your imagination.
No it isn't.
I'm hungry and scared.
You can't be hungry
and scared both at the same time.

Well, I am.
If you're scared,
it scares the hunger out of you.

Not if you're more hungry than scared.
All right, you win. Let's forget about it.
I can't forget it. I'm still hungry.
Holy smoke!
Why did I ever get mixed up with you?

If I had any sense,
I'd be in New York by this time.

What about your story?
Taking a married woman
back to her husband.

I turned out to be the prize sucker.
All right, come on. Your bed's all ready.
I'll get my clothes all wrinkled.
- Then take them off.
- What?

All right, don't take them off.
Do what you please, but shut up about it.