It Happened One Night

I can't forget it. I'm still hungry.
Holy smoke!
Why did I ever get mixed up with you?

If I had any sense,
I'd be in New York by this time.

What about your story?
Taking a married woman
back to her husband.

I turned out to be the prize sucker.
All right, come on. Your bed's all ready.
I'll get my clothes all wrinkled.
- Then take them off.
- What?

All right, don't take them off.
Do what you please, but shut up about it.

You're becoming awfully
disagreeable lately.

You just snap my head off
every time I open my mouth.

If being with me is so distasteful to you,
you can leave.

You can leave any time you see fit.
Nobody's holding you here.
I can get along.
- What's the matter?
- I was so scared!

What's got into you? I left for a minute
to find you something to eat.

I know but...
Here, eat your head off.
I don't want it now.
- I thought you said you were hungry.
- I was, but...

But what?