It Happened One Night

What did you say
we're supposed to be doing?

You've given me a very good example
of the hiking.

Where does the hitching come in?
It's a little early yet. No cars out.
If it's the same to you...
...l'm going to sit right here
and wait until they come.

You got a toothpick?
- What's the matter?
- I got hay in my teeth.

No, I haven't got a toothpick.
Here, I got a penknife, though.

Now hold still.
- Be careful.
- All right. Where is it?

All right, now hold still.
Here. Get it?
You should have swallowed that.
You won't have any breakfast, you know?

You needn't rub it in.
- What are you eating?
- Carrots.

- Raw?
- Want one?

No. Why didn't you get me
something I could eat?

That's right, I forgot. The idea
of offering a raw carrot to an Andrews.

You don't think I'm going around
panhandling for you, do you?

Have one of these.
Best thing for you, carrots.

I hate the horrid things.
I wish you wouldn't talk so much.
Now we let a car get away.

And suppose nobody stops for us?
They'll stop all right. It's a matter
of knowing how to handle them.

And you're an expert I suppose.
Expert. And I'll write a book
about it. Call it "The Hitchhiker's Hail."

There's no end to your accomplishments,
is there?

- You think it's simple?
- No.

Well, it is simple.
It's all in that old thumb, see?