It Happened One Night

Here. Get it?
You should have swallowed that.
You won't have any breakfast, you know?

You needn't rub it in.
- What are you eating?
- Carrots.

- Raw?
- Want one?

No. Why didn't you get me
something I could eat?

That's right, I forgot. The idea
of offering a raw carrot to an Andrews.

You don't think I'm going around
panhandling for you, do you?

Have one of these.
Best thing for you, carrots.

I hate the horrid things.
I wish you wouldn't talk so much.
Now we let a car get away.

And suppose nobody stops for us?
They'll stop all right. It's a matter
of knowing how to handle them.

And you're an expert I suppose.
Expert. And I'll write a book
about it. Call it "The Hitchhiker's Hail."

There's no end to your accomplishments,
is there?

- You think it's simple?
- No.

Well, it is simple.
It's all in that old thumb, see?

Some people do it like this. Or like this.
All wrong. Never get anywhere.
The poor things.
But that old thumb never fails.
It's all a matter of how you do it, though.

Now you take No. 1, for instance.
That's a short jerky movement, like this.
That shows independence.

You don't care if they stop or not.
You got money.

- Clever.
- No. 2, that's a little wider movement.

Smile goes with this one, like this.
That means you got a brand-new story
about the farmer's daughter.

You figured that out all by yourself?
That's nothing. No. 3, that's a pip.
That's the pitiful one.

When you're broke and hungry,
everything looks black.

It's a long sweeping movement like this.
Gotta follow through, though.

That's amazing.
But it's no good,
if you haven't got a long face to go with it.

Here comes a car.
Okay. Now watch me.
I'm gonna use No. 1.

Keep your eye on that thumb, baby,
and see what happens.