The Thin Man

Cut it out!
We didn't come here
to watch you two roughhouse.

She's driving me nuts.
She's been ragging me all day.

Maybe if you'd quit running around
after other women...

you wouldn't have trouble with this one.
That's a lie.
Anybody that says that is a liar!

Do you want to take a poke at him?
I didn't mean you, mister.
Come on, she can't hear you now.
You know how it is.
A guy knocking around...

You'd have done better
to have told me that in the beginning.

Where were you the afternoon
she was knocked off?

You don't think
I had anything to do with it!

Where were you?
- Marion!
- Wait a minute!

I don't like crooks.
And if I did, I wouldn't like stool pigeons.
And if I did like stool pigeons,
I still wouldn't like you.

Marion, don't go!
Wait a minute! I'll do anything you say!
I'll behave! Don't go!

Let me get after her.
Let me bring her back, please.
I'll bring her right back.

I'll do anything!
I'll answer anything you want!

Sit down!
We didn't come here to watch
you two dance around the Maypole.

Where were you when the girl was killed?
I don't know. I can't remember!
I can't tell you just offhand.

Maybe I was down
at Charley's shooting pool.

Maybe I was up here, I don't know.
She'd remember!
How'd you like to be thrown in the can
on account of not remembering?

Just give me a minute. I'll remember.
You know I ain't stalling.
I always come clean with you.

Sure, I remember.
I wouldn't blame you
if you threw me in the can.

I remember where I was.
That's the afternoon...

Wait a minute, I'll show you.
What do you think of it?
I think we're on the right track.