Barbary Coast

There's your man, Sheriff.
- No Chinamen allowed in here.
- He's with us. Go ahead.

Knuckles, I'm sorry...
- What's on your mind?
- Nothing serious, Louis, l...

We'll do the talking, Sheriff.
Sandy Ferguson was murdered last night.

- Shot in the back.
- You know murder is a pretty big word.

Never mind, Joe.
All right, he was murdered. What about it?
We've sworn out a warrant for the man that did it.
Before we're through,
he'll tell us who ordered it done.

Got a warrant?
- All printed out and everything.
- Serve it, Sheriff.

- Simply a matter of routine.
- Come on, serve it and take him along.

Not so fast, boys.
Where do you think you're taking Knuckles?
He's going to stand trial for murder.
You don't have to take him anywhere for that.
You want a trial?
All right.
What is it? How dare you... My dear Louis.
I'm afraid it's rather late so I think I'll go home.
- You're not going home.
- But I have things to do.

Steady, Judge.
Got a little work for you.
For me?
Seems that fellow named Ferguson
has just been killed.

- Ferguson, ain't it?
- Yeah.

- What's the matter with him?
- He's just been killed.

Ain't it a shame?
- It's appalling. Who did it?
- He's your man.

- Which one?
- Him.

We've got a warrant. We're going to
put him in jail until court opens.

- Court's open now. Go ahead, Judge.
- But my dear Louis...

- This ain't no court, it's a saloon.
- It's whatever he says it is.

- But, my dear Louis...
- Go ahead, Judge, the court's open.

Hear ye. This honorable court is now in session.
Gentlemen, I must insist upon
absolute silence. Pardon me.

And will you kindly remove your hats.
Gentlemen, Knuckles is accused of homicide.