Barbary Coast

I'm afraid it's rather late so I think I'll go home.
- You're not going home.
- But I have things to do.

Steady, Judge.
Got a little work for you.
For me?
Seems that fellow named Ferguson
has just been killed.

- Ferguson, ain't it?
- Yeah.

- What's the matter with him?
- He's just been killed.

Ain't it a shame?
- It's appalling. Who did it?
- He's your man.

- Which one?
- Him.

We've got a warrant. We're going to
put him in jail until court opens.

- Court's open now. Go ahead, Judge.
- But my dear Louis...

- This ain't no court, it's a saloon.
- It's whatever he says it is.

- But, my dear Louis...
- Go ahead, Judge, the court's open.

Hear ye. This honorable court is now in session.
Gentlemen, I must insist upon
absolute silence. Pardon me.

And will you kindly remove your hats.
Gentlemen, Knuckles is accused of homicide.
- Who seen him do it?
- That fellow was there!

- This is the man.
- Come, gentlemen.

You can't expect me
to take the word of a Chinaman.

- Did any American witness this homicide?
- There ain't any question who did it, Judge.

Come on, get going.
Hold your horses.
This court is not going to be hurried.

Will you please stop the music during the trial?
I can't concentrate.
- Give the Judge a drink.
- Thank you.

Fred, quiet on that noise.
That's better.
Mr. Slocum, are you prepared to
swear that these statements are true?

You are.
Let me put it to you,
that if Knuckles did commit this crime...

...that he must have had some reason.
Of course he had a reason.
- Here you are, Judge.
- Thanks.

This man Ferguson passed a remark
about Miss Rutledge.

He was vulgar.
What? He insulted a lady?
Gentlemen, do you hear that?

He insulted a lady. A woman.
That sensitive vessel, which from our childhood...
- Come on, hurry up.
- Yes. Of course.

- Under the evidence...
- Hurry up, Judge.