Peter Ibbetson

Never mind, Katherine.
Please don't bother tonight.

Anything else I can do,
Your Grace?

Nothing, thank you.
Good night, Your Grace.
Good night.

I think everything's
been packed, sir.

If you care to, uh...
Take... take them down
to the carriage.

I hope I haven't, uh...
Take them down
to the carriage.

I just want to know
how things are.

What things?
Does the young man
still leave in the morning?

He does.
And you will regret it,
of course.

That has nothing whatever
to do with it.

My dear, I may not be
your great lover,

but I have the pride of one.
I must be very sure
that the Duchess of Towers

is the Duchess of Towers.
I am not a barmaid.
I grant you.
So it will be unnecessary
to forbid you

to even see him again.
I do not intend
to see him again.

Very good.