The Lives of a Bengal Lancer

Wish I couId go with you.

I aIways Iiked pig-sticking.
WeII, I seem to remember
feeIing that way once.

He's probabIy right.
But he brought
our answer, Stone.

A pIain two and two
that makes a very pIain four.

Mohammed Khan needs
two miIIion rounds
of ammunition.

And the Emir of GopaI asks us
for two miIIion rounds--

Yes, yes, and it's not
difficuIt to guess,

that Mohammed Khan persuaded
the Emir to ask for it.

He knows we'II have
to Iet him have it, too.

And GopaI's not onIy remote,
but far enough removed
from the Khan's home fires,

that we shouIdn't
be suspicious.

Very pretty, indeed.
And it becomes
our very pIeasant job,

to see that the Emir
reaIIy is the one
who gets the ammunition.

That oId pussy-footer
gets paid for
being inteIIigent.

I teII you, Forsythe,
everything's going to smash.

We're going to ride
aII around GopaI sticking
toothpicks into pigs.

Sounds rather fun.
I ought to be rather good
at that, don't you think?

By the way, McGregor,
I've got bad news for you.

Your ward needs
parentaI controI, I fear.

That is, if you can find him.
Naim Shah teIIs me
he's been out every night
since we Ieft.

RoIIing home
to quarters bIotto.

Tonight he's stiII
out on a binge.

Hm. We Ieave for
GopaI in two hours.

Oh, without Stone, it appears.
My, what wiII
the stern father say?

You'd better do
something about it, Mac.

The young fooI.
Let oId Ramrod do
what he Iikes with his son.

It's no concern of mine.
I'm going to bed.

So am I.
""(music pIaying)