A Day at the Races

Oh, doctor.
Just a moment,
while I calm these paralytics.

Oh, dear. Doctor.
Doctor, this is Miss Standish,
owner of the sanitarium.

- How do you do, Miss Standish?
- How do you do?

You're the prettiest owner
of a sanitarium I've ever seen.

- Thank you.
- You have a charming place here.

I knew your mother very well.
I'll let you in on a little secret.
Many, many years ago,
in the dear, dim past...

...I proposed to your mother.
- But that's my father.
- No wonder he turned me down.

Now, doctor, I'd like you
to meet your new associates.

Johnson, Bellevue Hospital, 1918.
Franco, Johns Hopkins, '22.
- Wilmerding, Mayo brothers, '24.
- Dodge brothers, late '29.

Doctor, I'm happy to welcome
you as chief of staff.

I hope you'll be able to pull
the sanitarium out of its difficulties.

The sanitarium's having
a little financial trouble.

I get it. I'm not gonna get paid.
So long! Take it away!

Oh, no, no, no.
Doctor, please don't go.

- I'll take care of your salary.
- Oh, yeah?

The last job I had,
I had to take it out in trade.

And this is no butcher shop.
Not yet anyhow.
Judy, it seems to me,
if I may say so...

...we are making rather
a hasty decision.

Surely you don't question
the doctor's ability.

No. Not exactly.
But running a sanitarium calls
for a man with peculiar talents.

I've got the most peculiar talents
of any doctor you ever met.

I'm satisfied with Mrs. Upjohn's

If you'll excuse me, I'll go
and bring in the rest of the staff.

Why don't you go out and bring in
something. Preferably your resignation.

Tell me, Dr. Hackenbush...
...just what was your medical

- Medically?
- Yes.

Well, at the age of 15, I got a job
in a drugstore filling prescriptions.

Don't you have to be 21
to fill prescriptions?

Well, that's for grownups.
I just filled them for children.