Dead End

All fixed up fancy like a mutt.
Maybe they're brothers.
Hey, what are you,
a boy or a girl?

- He's a girl, can't you see?
- l'm a man!

You're a what?
Wise guy, huh?
Sure! l can name all the presidents
of the United States, can you?

So what? l bet the cream puff
can't even swim.

That's how much you know.
We have a pool in there and an instructor,

and l go in swimming every day.
A pool in the house?

Let's see you swim.
ln there? lt's dirty.
- Dirty?
- Dirty? Dirty. He says dirty.

He says it's dirty. l'll sock 'em.
What's that junk you got in your mouth
like a horse?

This? lt's a brace
to make my teeth straight.

What? l could do that
with one wallop.

You just try.
My uncle is Judge Griswald.

Did'ya ever hear of Judge Perkins?

He's a friend of mine, see?
He sent me to reform school once.

Why don't ya come down here?
You're afraid to?

l'm not afraid.
l'm not afraid of anything.

All right, then, come on down
if you're not afraid of anything.

All right, l will.
Well. l think, and l think, and l think,
and l can't remember the number.

Then l remember the house,
but then l forget the floor.

But l try all the bells,
but whatever she is, she ain't there. Huh?

Nothin' for nothin', kid.
That's a fine thing to do to a kid.
A fine thing, a fine thing.

My big brother was here,
you wouldn't do that.

Bang you on the head,
that's what he'd do.

Bust your nose
and give you a blinker, that's what.

Hey, Dippy.
Hey, Sharpie, come here.
All right.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- Watch it, boys.

What's the matter here?
lt's those horrible children.
l see them from above.

Philip didn't want to wait
for me, Mr. Griswald.

Aw, shut up,
you big bag o' wind.

You try to hit him--
Go get him the army and navy
for a bodyguard.

Next time, try hitting them back.
They're your age.
lf they try to fight, fight back.

Come here, guys.
Here's how we're gonna get
that lump of mush.

Hey, fellas, watch.
Hey, crumb, duck.