Dead End

Hey, lady. Has your kitchen stove
got diamonds in it like that kid makes out?

- No.
- No.

Hey, guys, let's grab a dip.
- l don't feel like it.
- Hey, what's that?

- Oh, her? Friend of Dave's.
- No.

Yeah. Comes to see him all the time.
Hey, wait for me, fellas, will ya?

Good morning.
Good morning.
You're late.

- l know. l meant to be.
- Why?

Oh, nothing.
l don't like it when you're late.
l wish we had
somewhere else to meet.

l had fun last night.
l never knew there were so many
places to go that didn't cost anything.

l know 'em all.
l always go to the smart places
and have a dull time.

But l had fun with you.
l always have fun with you.

Fun for the first time in years.
Do you like him?
Yes, l like him.
l was pretty hard up when l met him,
and tired of being hard up.

He's been good to me.
That's his boat, isn't it?
lt's a beauty. You know,
when l was a kid,

l used to make boats
and sail them here on the river.

Looks like it's getting ready
to make a trip.

- When?
- l don't know. l don't know.

You'll be going with him, won't you?
No, l don't know.

He wants me to go.
He wants to marry me now.

But l'm not in love with him.
l haven't even told him l was.

But l'm frightened
of being poor again.

l hate what it does to people.
l saw what it did to my family and to me.

Yes, l don't blame you.
lt's something to be scared of.

Look, Kay,