Dead End

l know. Two double gins.
Sausage for you
and water for you, right?

Chez Pascagli never forgets an order
and never forgets a face.

l know what you feel.
Anybody would.
Twice in one day.
Yeah. Twice in one day.
l told you we shouldn't have
come back.

But you wouldn't listen to me.
You never listen to me.

Never go back.
Always go forward.

- Shut up.
- l read that.

You know where?
When l was a kid.

My old lady bought it in a store--
a sign, l mean--and hung it over the bed.

l've always kept it in mind.
What do you say
we go back to St. Louis, huh?

That Dawn La Gatta.
l bet she's waiting for you.

She was all right. Regular.
And as respectable as a whistle.
l mean in the right way.

l betcha there's ''welcome''
on the doormat for you there.

All right. All right.
Forget about the dames.

But twice in one day.
And that's what l come back for.
That's what l take a chance for.
l get this.

What l been thinking about
all these years...

Aw, forget it.
Listen, Marty.
You come back here for a reason.

And l came with you.
Because where you go, l go.

Let's get out of here tonight.
Too many people know you here.

Tonight, huh?