Dead End

My old lady bought it in a store--
a sign, l mean--and hung it over the bed.

l've always kept it in mind.
What do you say
we go back to St. Louis, huh?

That Dawn La Gatta.
l bet she's waiting for you.

She was all right. Regular.
And as respectable as a whistle.
l mean in the right way.

l betcha there's ''welcome''
on the doormat for you there.

All right. All right.
Forget about the dames.

But twice in one day.
And that's what l come back for.
That's what l take a chance for.
l get this.

What l been thinking about
all these years...

Aw, forget it.
Listen, Marty.
You come back here for a reason.

And l came with you.
Because where you go, l go.

Let's get out of here tonight.
Too many people know you here.

Tonight, huh?
What do you say?
You see what they did
to that rich kid today?

They took him down
in that old warehouse.

Well, there's no reason
he can't be taken further away.

No, no.
We're too hot.
Kidnappin' ain't in our line.

l come home for something.
l didn't get it.

But l'm coming out with something,
even if it's only dough.

- Oh, no, Marty--
- Shut up.

Go out and get Whitey.
Find out what he knows
about that rich dump.

Go ahead, Hunk.
Get going.