Dead End

What do you say?
You see what they did
to that rich kid today?

They took him down
in that old warehouse.

Well, there's no reason
he can't be taken further away.

No, no.
We're too hot.
Kidnappin' ain't in our line.

l come home for something.
l didn't get it.

But l'm coming out with something,
even if it's only dough.

- Oh, no, Marty--
- Shut up.

Go out and get Whitey.
Find out what he knows
about that rich dump.

Go ahead, Hunk.
Get going.

Not a sign of Tommy anywhere.
Yeah, l know. l've been all over.
Don't worry, Drina.
He knows his way around.

He can take care of himself.
He can take care of himself
too well.

How could he
have done such a thing?

Where does he learn
about knives and--

He had an expert teacher.
Anyway, it's not hard to learn
in a place like this.

But, he's not a bad kid.
Not really bad.

He never has been.
The famous Baby Face Martin
used to live on this block.

He wasn't such a bad kid either, at first.
He was smart and brave
and decent, at first.

Like Tommy, you mean.
Ever since he was a little kid,
l've tried to teach him what's right.