Lost Horizon

We can't take more than seven.
All right. I'm sorry.
Another plane in a minute.

All right.
Wait, everybody.
Plenty of planes are coming.
Have patience, we'll be all right.

-lt won't be long!
-Don't worry.

Leave everything to my brother.
-Yes, sir, 1 0 passengers aboard.
-10 passengers. Good.

Say, get me Shanghai.
-ls Colonel Marsh there?
-Right here, Conway. Go ahead.

I need more planes.
I've still about 30 people to get out.

-Where are the planes you promised?
-We sent all we could find.

They better get here,
or I can't be responsible--

-I think I hear motors.
-Wait a minute, they may be here now.

George, get down on the field
and guide those planes in.

Be sure none of the natives get in.
-Hello, Colonel?
-Hello, Conway.

-Thanks, and take care of your liver.
-My word!

Get ready, everyone. Planes are here.
One at a time. Children first.

Where are they? Come stand over here.
Where's the mother?

-They're orphans.
-I see. You come here, and you--

-What about us, Mr. Conway?
-Wait your turn. Come on, you.

Take some of those squealing men
with you first.