Lost Horizon

Wait, everybody.
Plenty of planes are coming.
Have patience, we'll be all right.

-lt won't be long!
-Don't worry.

Leave everything to my brother.
-Yes, sir, 1 0 passengers aboard.
-10 passengers. Good.

Say, get me Shanghai.
-ls Colonel Marsh there?
-Right here, Conway. Go ahead.

I need more planes.
I've still about 30 people to get out.

-Where are the planes you promised?
-We sent all we could find.

They better get here,
or I can't be responsible--

-I think I hear motors.
-Wait a minute, they may be here now.

George, get down on the field
and guide those planes in.

Be sure none of the natives get in.
-Hello, Colonel?
-Hello, Conway.

-Thanks, and take care of your liver.
-My word!

Get ready, everyone. Planes are here.
One at a time. Children first.

Where are they? Come stand over here.
Where's the mother?

-They're orphans.
-I see. You come here, and you--

-What about us, Mr. Conway?
-Wait your turn. Come on, you.

Take some of those squealing men
with you first.

They might faint on you. I'll wait.
Just as you say. You, madam.
Come through here. Wait on one side.

-Don't lose your heads!
-What was that explosion?

They've blown up the powerhouse!
The planes can't land without lights.

We'll burn the hangar.
That will make light for them.

There's going to be a big fire.