Lost Horizon

I am from the nearby lamasery.
My name is Chang.

He's speaking English.
-And mine's Conway.
-How do you do?

You've no idea how unexpected
and very welcome you are.

My friends and I,
and the lady in the plane...

...left Baskul the night before last
for Shanghai.

But we were travelling
in the opposite direction.

At the mercy of a mad pilot.
-We'd be eternally grateful if you--
-Where is your "mad" pilot?

He must have had a heart attack,
or perhaps the fumes.

When the plane landed he was dead.
We were going to bury him
when you came along.

Pardon me.
If you will be good enough
to direct us to your lamasery--

It is an honour to accompany you
and your friends.

You'lI need suitable clothes for the journey.
-It is not particularly far, but quite difficult.
-Thank you.