Young and Innocent

Well, it's time we got this thing

Now, is this belt yours or
isn't it?

For the hundredth time I tell
you it isn't!

How do you know it isn't?
You've already admitted that
you've got a raincoat

"""Don't put down """"got"""", put """"had"""" a ""

-Which you've lost
-No, not lost, which I had stolen

Why are you trying to distort
everything I say?

Don't get excited, old man, it's
only a formality

You had it stolen, let it go as
that. When was it stolen?

Well, I can't remember
You see, I left it in the car and
went in to get some cigarettes

When I came back it was gone
You mean it just went into
thin air?

What sort of a place was this?
A common shelter called
Tom's Hat

All right, we'll let that go
Now, did you know the dead
woman well?

Yes, fairly well, I knew her in

Could it be unfair to suggest
that you were especially...

...good friends?
-Mr. Kent means her lover
- It would be unfair!

Then we could put down that you
were friends, good friends

Oh, put down what you like!
Were you good enough friends to
discuss money?

What's the idea? We discussed
money three years ago when...

... I sold her a story.
Paid in good hard cash

I received money from her on
former occasions

Talking of money, would it be
accurate to say that you are...

...not well off?
More than that, it would be
practically true

Would it? Considering the fact
that she's left you...

...twelve hundred pounds in
her will?

-What's happened to him?
-He passed out or pretended to

Of course he's passed out.
I've been told that

-What's that for?
-To put under his head, of course

That's no good. Sit him up and
hold his head down

Give me a hand!
Go and get some brandy
You seem to be pretty good at
this sort of thing

Yes, I learnt something about it
in a girl guide

You learnt that slapping trick
in the guides too?

No, I learnt that from riding in
cars with detectives