Young and Innocent

Talking of money, would it be
accurate to say that you are...

...not well off?
More than that, it would be
practically true

Would it? Considering the fact
that she's left you...

...twelve hundred pounds in
her will?

-What's happened to him?
-He passed out or pretended to

Of course he's passed out.
I've been told that

-What's that for?
-To put under his head, of course

That's no good. Sit him up and
hold his head down

Give me a hand!
Go and get some brandy
You seem to be pretty good at
this sort of thing

Yes, I learnt something about it
in a girl guide

You learnt that slapping trick
in the guides too?

No, I learnt that from riding in
cars with detectives

Could you do that to detective's
ears as well?

No, I got this from a boxer's
dressing room

Brings them round like fun
A bit painful, isn't?
Well, you don't know, Sir, when
you have the rest of your face...

...bashed in
I'd say we weren't as brutal as
all that, you know

Give me the brandy, I'll do it
You'll be all right in a minute.
What have you been doing to him?

Oh, he's all right. Don't waste
your time on him, Miss Burgoyne

-Is he guilty?
-No idea yet

He doesn't look like a criminal
Don't let the looks influence
you, young lady

I don't
-Anyway, he's not my type at all
-What the hell has happened?

You passed out
Don't be ridiculous, I never
pass out. What do you mean?

Well, that was something very
much like it

Don't worry, you'll be all right
I must go and find my father.
He seems to like the brandy

He will probably go again
Next time throw a bucket of water
on him

-Who's that?
-She's Chief Constable's daughter