Young and Innocent

Could you do that to detective's
ears as well?

No, I got this from a boxer's
dressing room

Brings them round like fun
A bit painful, isn't?
Well, you don't know, Sir, when
you have the rest of your face...

...bashed in
I'd say we weren't as brutal as
all that, you know

Give me the brandy, I'll do it
You'll be all right in a minute.
What have you been doing to him?

Oh, he's all right. Don't waste
your time on him, Miss Burgoyne

-Is he guilty?
-No idea yet

He doesn't look like a criminal
Don't let the looks influence
you, young lady

I don't
-Anyway, he's not my type at all
-What the hell has happened?

You passed out
Don't be ridiculous, I never
pass out. What do you mean?

Well, that was something very
much like it

Don't worry, you'll be all right
I must go and find my father.
He seems to like the brandy

He will probably go again
Next time throw a bucket of water
on him

-Who's that?
-She's Chief Constable's daughter

-She's got a nerve!
-She certainly has!

Hello, father!
The proceeding has been
quite formal

Well, in that case, why have they
questioned him half the night?

Scotland Yard may have their own
methods, Sir

Is there someone decent to
represent him?

I think they've got
Mr. Briggs, Sir

-Don't talk nonsense, lnspector
-Well, there was no one else, Sir

-All right. Where have you been?
-I've been snooping around

I left my papers in the car
Go on, go and get them for me

-Get them yourself!
-Well, ordinarily I would

If I was seen beside that thing
I'd have to resign

You never said you were a
disgusting snob, father

Besides, it's almost human, you
ought to love it

And you're asked very politely
to move

It's blocking the entrance of the

Come on!
Sorry I can't help you.
Some other time, perhaps

-Come on
-Try and give it some brandy