Young and Innocent

-This isn't Tom's Hat
-Will you please get out?

-Because it's my car

It may seem a good reason to
you but it doesn't to me

It's the best thing you can do!
-So I've won you over
-You certainly have not!

Oh, yes, I have. You see that
it's too risky for me to go to...

...Tom's Hat by daylight, so what
do you do?

Not a thing
You persuade me to stay in this
deserted mill until dark

Then you return and ride me over
to Tom's Hat before it closes

I feel like Bonnie Prince Charlie
You must be Flora MacDonald
A little while ago I was
Florence Nightingale

That's what I like about you,
you're different

How can you joke about this?
Don't you know what it means if
you're caught?

I'd make a rough guess .
Horribly rough

Well, it isn't funny, you see?
No, but I can laugh because
I'm innocent

You don't believe that, do you?
I wish you did
Well, what are you going to do?