Young and Innocent

Perhaps I'd better not stay, I
had forgotten about the birthday

No, but you must stay Miss Erica
She'd be so disappointed if
you didn't

Just go in, it'll be quite all right
I will tie two handkerchiefs
One red, the other green

Now, I want you to watch very
carefully because I'm going to...

...tie them together very securely
in this manner

One knot, two knots
I fold them quite tight

Now, the next thing I'll do is to
roll them up tightily into a ball

My dear, this is a surprise!
Will you just have lunch?

And then perhaps after that you
might help us to...

...look after the children
It's so sweet of you to remember
Felicity's birthday!

Now, children, you all know the
game. Don't fidget so, Marjorie!

-One of you has to go outside.

-Don't interrupt, Harold!
-I want to go outside

-That is for me to decide.
-I think I must go

Oh... I see. Well, run along,
Harold. And come back!

Erica! Erica! You know this
game, don't you?

I don't think I remember, auntie
I really ought to go

But you've only just come!
Of course you remember the game,
you used to play it so often

Now, you go outside and don't
come in until we tell you

Isn't it Erica's car?
-Yes, it is

-Are you a friend of hers?
-Oh, yes, she's inside