Young and Innocent

-One of you has to go outside.

-Don't interrupt, Harold!
-I want to go outside

-That is for me to decide.
-I think I must go

Oh... I see. Well, run along,
Harold. And come back!

Erica! Erica! You know this
game, don't you?

I don't think I remember, auntie
I really ought to go

But you've only just come!
Of course you remember the game,
you used to play it so often

Now, you go outside and don't
come in until we tell you

Isn't it Erica's car?
-Yes, it is

-Are you a friend of hers?
-Oh, yes, she's inside

Oh, and left you out here?
I'd never heard such a thing!

She said she won't be long
Oh, she will, it's Felicity's
birthday party

My little daughter, she's seven

Oh, yes, of course, Felicity's
birthday, I was forgetting

She always brings her a present,
hasn't missed a year

-No, not a year

-All right
-Well, come along in

No, I'd better not
I can't leave you out here like a

-Come along, it'll be great fun
-Sure it will

Erica, my dear!
It isn't a nice thing

You bring a young man and leave
him outside!

I only meant to stay a few
minutes, uncle

Oh, nonsense, you will stay here
and see the party in full swing

We must get away, every minute
is important!

It's this frightful party, I'm
having an awful job!

Yes, I know. You've been so
good, I'm so grateful...

Come in now!
-I'm sorry, I didn't know
-Hello, my dear

You know what Erica did?
She left her friend outside...

...while she was playing with the

I'm very sorry, I only meant to
stay a few minutes