Young and Innocent

Two more miles and we'll be

Yes, we'll be there but what

What then, my child? What then?
The tramp, the coat, the belt

Are you sure the tramp will
be there?

Of course, he will be standing at
the door in tears, saying...

"""-...""""here you are, governor"""" ""
-Will it be as easy as all that?"

Why not, everything has gone all
right up to now

I don't see why that should

I hope not. It would be such a

When you go back to your father
you can burst open the...

-...door and say...
-With a throb in my voice

Yes, a throb in the voice is
certainly indicated

You will stand in front of him
and say: I've travelled far...

...and risked much and here is the
man in all his innocence

Then he'll tap me on my head
and say...

With a throb in his voice
-Thank you, Erica, thank you
-It'll be touching

Oh, Robert, if only things would
turn out all right

-They started to
-What do you mean?

-You called me Robert
-Oh, did l?

I didn't notice it
She will be going through Lemming
unless she turns back

Well, it's an old Morris.
No, I don't remember the number

She'll have someone with her.
A young man, I believe

Get her to telephone me, will

Excuse me, are you Miss

Your father's Chief Constable,
isn't he?

Yes, why?
He wants you to phone him
right away

He said it's urgent, will you
step inside?

Why, you are the chap who
escaped from the police this morning

I've seen your picture!
You'd better come inside here...

Quick, step on it!
We were overconfident, I didn't
think about the papers

Thought we may do it
We seem to be crawling

I can't run away like this
Especially with an escaped man

It means I'm an accessory.
And accesories get ten years!

Oh, it's terrible, what will
happen to the boys?

Poor father! We must go faster.
You've to get that coat back

I can't go back now!
Poor father, what shall I
tell him? What shall I tell him?

Right. I suppose he must be
the man

I can't understand it
Keep my daughter's name out of
it, lnspector

For the time, anyway
That's all right, Sir.
Don't you worry