Young and Innocent

Excuse me, are you Miss

Your father's Chief Constable,
isn't he?

Yes, why?
He wants you to phone him
right away

He said it's urgent, will you
step inside?

Why, you are the chap who
escaped from the police this morning

I've seen your picture!
You'd better come inside here...

Quick, step on it!
We were overconfident, I didn't
think about the papers

Thought we may do it
We seem to be crawling

I can't run away like this
Especially with an escaped man

It means I'm an accessory.
And accesories get ten years!

Oh, it's terrible, what will
happen to the boys?

Poor father! We must go faster.
You've to get that coat back

I can't go back now!
Poor father, what shall I
tell him? What shall I tell him?

Right. I suppose he must be
the man

I can't understand it
Keep my daughter's name out of
it, lnspector

For the time, anyway
That's all right, Sir.
Don't you worry

The search is well underway
He's probably forced her to go
to Ashcroft Forest

There'll be less chance for him
to be found there

We're combing the forest
now, Sir

It's all right, my dear, we're
perfectly safe here

We'll hide here for a bit
The whole thing will be over in
a couple of hours or so

We'll shake hands and you'll
never see me again

Won't l?
Oh, you needn't see me again