Young and Innocent

The search is well underway
He's probably forced her to go
to Ashcroft Forest

There'll be less chance for him
to be found there

We're combing the forest
now, Sir

It's all right, my dear, we're
perfectly safe here

We'll hide here for a bit
The whole thing will be over in
a couple of hours or so

We'll shake hands and you'll
never see me again

Won't l?
Oh, you needn't see me again
-Put your coat on
-It's all right

Now you do as I tell you.
I know exactly how you feel

You see no end.
You don't believe it's true

The night always exaggerates
things, doesn't it?

Personally, I like the night,
it's much more alive than the day

Look at those people on that
train. Eating... actually eating

I'll tell you what. I'll scout
about for some food, shall l?

No, we'll wait. We'll wait till
the coat is safe in our hands...

...and then we'll eat, and how!
Straight to a seven course dinner
Seven helpings and champagne

Well, I'm going now.
I shan't be long

And off we'll go before their
goggling eyes

And then I'll carry you all the
way home

Well, now off to the lodging

I'll pinch the rover man's hat