Boys Town

Well, my lad,
they tell me you want to confess.

That will help the jury.
They convicted you on circumstantial
evidence. Understand?

Yeah, sure.
Public opinion. Clear that up, too.
Justice itself will feel easier.
I'm doing it because I'm scared.
It may help the big rap
when I go through that last door.

You might as well do a real job.
I have a couple of newspapermen here,
and the judge who sentenced you...

Shut that up, will you?
Can't you stop that singing?

Now, now. It's his turn next.
You confess, he sings.
- Bring on your gang.
- Good.

- Can I do anything for you, Dan?
- Yeah, how about a drink?

- Do you want to see Father Flanagan?
- Sure.

I asked for him. He knew me when.
How much time have I got?
Eternity begins in 45 minutes, Dan.
What happens when that door
slams shut behind you?

- A bad minute or two.
- Yeah, I know. After that?

Dan, that's been a mystery
for a million years.

You can't expect to crack that
in a few seconds.

- Would you be afraid to die?
- No.

Why not, if you don't know what happens?
Well, I've made mistakes, Dan,
but I've always been sorry for them.

I try to make up for them.
If you killed a rat,
and it was coming to him...