Boys Town

- Do you want to see Father Flanagan?
- Sure.

I asked for him. He knew me when.
How much time have I got?
Eternity begins in 45 minutes, Dan.
What happens when that door
slams shut behind you?

- A bad minute or two.
- Yeah, I know. After that?

Dan, that's been a mystery
for a million years.

You can't expect to crack that
in a few seconds.

- Would you be afraid to die?
- No.

Why not, if you don't know what happens?
Well, I've made mistakes, Dan,
but I've always been sorry for them.

I try to make up for them.
If you killed a rat,
and it was coming to him...

could you find some way
to be sorry for that?

Dan, life and death should be left
to the Creator of life and death.

Please stay, will you?
How are you, Judge?
This is Lane Wellington. His column fought
for you. Didn't think you were guilty.

Sorry to let you down, pal.
If you'd stuck to your guns,
I'd have kept you alive for years.

I wouldn't try to be funny, if I were you.
This man wants to admit
his debt to the State.

What's that? My debt to the State?
If you'd have done this sooner,
the debt wouldn't be so big.

Is that what this is all about?
You're going to take my life,
because I owe the State something?

When I was a kid, 12 years old,
my mother died.

Did I go on the cuff to the State
for the gutters I slept in? Is that it?

That's just sniveling. The State reached
its arms out for three years...

Yeah, in the reformatory.
When I went in,
copping a loaf of bread was a job.

- When I come out, I could rob a bank!
- Holy cats!

Get this, big shots.
I'm going out that way in a few minutes.

So you're getting the lowdown.