Boys Town

- Thank you, Your Honor.
- And good luck to you.

Thank you. Come on, boys.
You're one of the finest fellows in town.
Why in the name of all that's holy
don't you want to meet nice people?

- Well, Dave, I know you.
- You...

- Father, do you want this?
- What is it, son?

It's a puzzle. You have to jiggle it around
till you get the eyes in the sockets.

Isn't that wonderful.
Thank you very much, Skinny.
I'll have a lot of fun with this.

Dave. Come on, boys.
Could you take the boys to your place
and keep them there a little while?

Sure. What?
I've got an important call to make.
All right, gentlemen, get in.
Oh, boy. A car ride.
Tommy, you better sit up here
in the front seat.

On second thought, you better all sit up
in the front seat. I feel safer.

Hold on, boys. Be careful.
- Dave, I'll see you a little later.
- Could you make it a little sooner?

Do you want me to drive, Mr. Morris?
I gave you permission three years ago
for your refuge.

You thought you could do a lot of good.
Well, I have the right to a mistake or two,
haven't I, Bishop?

And now you want to do something
I think is harder to do...

- certainly more unorthodox.
- That's true.

So I'm going to assign you to a parish.
That's good work, and you're a good man.
- Don't make the decision yet, please.
- Why not?

Why, you'd dream the best part
of your life away, if I'd let you.

But I'm not dreaming.
There's one thing I know, I really know.
And that is, that there's no such thing
in the world as a bad boy. I'm sure of that.

Do you realize the fight
you want to take on?

I know that a mother can take a whip
to the toughest boy in the world...

and he forgets it,
because he knows that she loves him.

I know the fight, and I haven't anything
to do it with, except faith.

with your kind permission,
I would rather have it than the parish.

I can't help you.
We have no arrangement
for outside things like this.