Boys Town

Well, I have the right to a mistake or two,
haven't I, Bishop?

And now you want to do something
I think is harder to do...

- certainly more unorthodox.
- That's true.

So I'm going to assign you to a parish.
That's good work, and you're a good man.
- Don't make the decision yet, please.
- Why not?

Why, you'd dream the best part
of your life away, if I'd let you.

But I'm not dreaming.
There's one thing I know, I really know.
And that is, that there's no such thing
in the world as a bad boy. I'm sure of that.

Do you realize the fight
you want to take on?

I know that a mother can take a whip
to the toughest boy in the world...

and he forgets it,
because he knows that she loves him.

I know the fight, and I haven't anything
to do it with, except faith.

with your kind permission,
I would rather have it than the parish.

I can't help you.
We have no arrangement
for outside things like this.

But you have my permission.
How are you beginning?
First, I must rent a house.
No doubt, fumigate and launder it.
Bishop, I shall never forget this.
My blessing.
Hello. I thought you got lost.
No. I had a little chat with my bishop.
I rented a house.
- You're renting houses now?
- Yes.

Of course, I have to pay something down,
so I need a little money.

- A little money? Yeah.
- $100.

What security have you got?
Well, let's see here.
- You want $100 for this?
- Yes.

you can have any one of those
for 65 cents.

And any one of them is better than yours.