Boys Town

And you want $100.
I need the money very badly.
With merchandise like that,
I need it worse than you do.

Got anything else?
Wait a minute.
- That's a 10-cent toy.
- Yeah, you can have a lot of fun with it.

Not a $100 worth, I can't.
Have you got any other security?
Every boy who becomes a good American
citizen is worth $10,000 to the State.

That's a fact. I have good authority for it.
I'm sorry,
but $100 for a bum watch like this...

and a hunk of tin
with a couple of ball bearings...

All right, Dave.
I don't blame you for turning me down.

Thanks just the same.
I'll try someplace else.

Wait a minute.
Couldn't you make a good American
for $50?

All right, there's your $100.
No. You keep the watch.
I'll keep this.
- I'll redeem that some day with interest.
- Yeah.

Here, sign this.
- No, don't sign it.
- Thanks.

Now, you'd better leave
before I change my mind.

I'm not afraid of that, Dave.
Now, I wonder if you could show me
some furniture.

You know, chairs and tables,
and stuff like that.

$100 worth?
I got a little list here that I made out.
All right.
I suppose when your boys grow up,
they'll break bigger and better windows.

I'll be right with you, boys.
Certainly on their good behavior,
aren't they?

Ten chairs.