Boys Town

Couldn't you make a good American
for $50?

All right, there's your $100.
No. You keep the watch.
I'll keep this.
- I'll redeem that some day with interest.
- Yeah.

Here, sign this.
- No, don't sign it.
- Thanks.

Now, you'd better leave
before I change my mind.

I'm not afraid of that, Dave.
Now, I wonder if you could show me
some furniture.

You know, chairs and tables,
and stuff like that.

$100 worth?
I got a little list here that I made out.
All right.
I suppose when your boys grow up,
they'll break bigger and better windows.

I'll be right with you, boys.
Certainly on their good behavior,
aren't they?

Ten chairs.
There's two.
- What does the whole thing come to?
- $220.

I'll give you $150 for the lot.
It's a deal, for $200.
Right. $160. Not a cent more.
Why, it cost me almost that much.
- Make it $190.
- No.

Say, wait a minute. What am I doing?
I'm bargaining with my own money.
I'm losing two ways on the deal.

Here's $50 down payment.
You're offering me $50 of my own money...
as down payment
on my own furniture. No!

Oh, well. All right.
What's the use of my taking the $50?
You'd only come around for it
again tomorrow.

Here's the address.
You mind if I throw you out?
Look, tonight, just before you go to sleep,
you're going to like yourself a lot.

I'll send the furniture over.
Then I'm going to a doctor
and get my head examined.

Come on, boys. We're going home.
- Father Flanagan?
- Yes.