Boys Town

There we are, Dave.
We've got three fine new buildings.
A grand beginning.

Yes, sir. And three fine mortgages
might make a grand finish.

- We've had mortgages before.
- Yes, little ones.

Look at the sweating you've done
to raise nickels, dimes, quarters...

penny contributions.
Now you've got to get dollars,
hundreds, thousands.

Wait a minute, Dave, wait a minute.
This doesn't have to be paid today.

- No, but the day will come.
- Dave.

Now, Eddie, I know.
I know you've always been in debt.

Debts up to your knees.
This time it's up to here.

It might not be as bad as that.
You've got to stop thinking from here,
and think from here a little bit.

Now, Eddie, come on.
Let's look at the figures, averages...

and see what we can set aside.
Father, we'll have to go now
if you're going to make that train.

My goodness, I forgot all about it.
I'll be right with you, Paul.

Now where are you going?
A boy in the State Penitentiary
wants to see me. He's in for life.

Yes, and you're in for life, too.
Thank you.
- Goodbye, Mo.
- Goodbye, Father.

- Have a nice trip, Father.
- Thank you.

- Goodbye, boys.
- Bye, Father.

Pee Wee.
Are you going to be a good boy
while I'm away?

Can I get my candy when you're away?
Freddie, everyday Pee Wee gets
a piece of candy in my office...

if he's a good boy.
Of course, if he isn't a good boy,
then he won't expect it.

Because Pee Wee is an honorable man,
aren't you, Pee Wee?

- Goodbye, boys.
- Bye, Father.

- Nice trip.
- Bye, Father.

- Father Flanagan.
- Warden.

This is Joe Marsh.
He leaves for a federal prison today.

- Hello, Joe.
- Hi.

- I'm letting you use my office, Father.
- I appreciate that.