Boys Town

and see what we can set aside.
Father, we'll have to go now
if you're going to make that train.

My goodness, I forgot all about it.
I'll be right with you, Paul.

Now where are you going?
A boy in the State Penitentiary
wants to see me. He's in for life.

Yes, and you're in for life, too.
Thank you.
- Goodbye, Mo.
- Goodbye, Father.

- Have a nice trip, Father.
- Thank you.

- Goodbye, boys.
- Bye, Father.

Pee Wee.
Are you going to be a good boy
while I'm away?

Can I get my candy when you're away?
Freddie, everyday Pee Wee gets
a piece of candy in my office...

if he's a good boy.
Of course, if he isn't a good boy,
then he won't expect it.

Because Pee Wee is an honorable man,
aren't you, Pee Wee?

- Goodbye, boys.
- Bye, Father.

- Nice trip.
- Bye, Father.

- Father Flanagan.
- Warden.

This is Joe Marsh.
He leaves for a federal prison today.

- Hello, Joe.
- Hi.

- I'm letting you use my office, Father.
- I appreciate that.

The guard will let you know
when the time is up.

- Would you like them to stay?
- No, I don't think that's necessary.

See you later.
I'm sorry I couldn't get here sooner,
but I was up to my ears in work...

when your letter came.
Yeah. Nursemaid for a couple of hundred
kids ain't no cinch.

That's right, no cinch.
Look, I didn't want to see you
for none of them phony prayers.

Nothing like that.
I got something else on my mind.

All right, go ahead, shoot.
Get this, I ain't sorry for nothing.
Well, everybody has a right
to look at things in their own way.

You bet. I went my own way,
and I got to be headman, didn't I?

Guys took off their hats
when I told them to...

and there's plenty of them still scared
that maybe I might bust out of this joint.

Well, now, look, you didn't have me come
all the way from Boys Town...

just to lord it over me, did you?
What's on your mind?
I got a kid brother, Whitey.
I've been taking care of him
ever since my old lady died.

Well, he's batty about me.
You know, thinks I'm aces.

Wants to be number one, like me.
But he ain't got what it takes.