Boys Town

The guard will let you know
when the time is up.

- Would you like them to stay?
- No, I don't think that's necessary.

See you later.
I'm sorry I couldn't get here sooner,
but I was up to my ears in work...

when your letter came.
Yeah. Nursemaid for a couple of hundred
kids ain't no cinch.

That's right, no cinch.
Look, I didn't want to see you
for none of them phony prayers.

Nothing like that.
I got something else on my mind.

All right, go ahead, shoot.
Get this, I ain't sorry for nothing.
Well, everybody has a right
to look at things in their own way.

You bet. I went my own way,
and I got to be headman, didn't I?

Guys took off their hats
when I told them to...

and there's plenty of them still scared
that maybe I might bust out of this joint.

Well, now, look, you didn't have me come
all the way from Boys Town...

just to lord it over me, did you?
What's on your mind?
I got a kid brother, Whitey.
I've been taking care of him
ever since my old lady died.

Well, he's batty about me.
You know, thinks I'm aces.

Wants to be number one, like me.
But he ain't got what it takes.
He'd turn out to be a five-and-ten mug.
That's where you come in.

- You want me to take him to Boys Town.
- That's it.

The warden's got $280 I had on me.
It's all yours.

He'll tell you where to find Whitey.
He's here in Lincoln.

Well, we're overcrowded,
but I guess I can find room for one more.

He's pretty tough.
You may have to kick him around.

I doubt that.
Sorry, time's up.
- Goodbye, Joe.
- So long.

Wait here, I'll be right down.
- Hello, son.
- Hello, Father.

- Ante two.
- Two?

You heard it.
Gee, I haven't had a hand yet.
I'm sitting in a rummy seat
myself over here.

Keep your hands to yourself, Shorty.
See who it is.
- What's it worth?
- Two.