Boys Town

Once in a while, a football game,
or baseball game. Some special occasion.

This is Birchwood Drive.
This is the main road leading to the home.
It leads out, too, don't it?
Boys, this is Whitey Marsh.
How are you?
Whitey, I won't introduce you
to all these fellows.

You probably couldn't remember
their names.

Okay by me. Got a lunch counter?
When do we eat?

When the bell rings.
- Hello, Father.
- Hello, Freddie.

Whitey, this is one boy you have to meet.
This is Freddie Fuller,
the Mayor of Boys Town.

- Hello, Whitey.
- Hiya.

- I'll put him in your charge.
- Yes, Father. This way, Whitey.

I don't like a lot of kids looking at me
like I was a freak or something.

Come on, gangway in here.
Come on, open it up, buddy.

Boys, something tells me we're gonna
have to use a lot of patience with Whitey.

But I don't think he's half as tough
as he thinks he is.

Hey, Red.
Take this bag of Whitey's, will you?

Service, huh?
Mammy. Mammy.
Now I'll show you around.
- Do you have to do that?
- That's what we do.

- Hello, Pee Wee.
- Grab them kind of young, don't you?

- Hey, what's your name?
- Go on, beat it, kid.

This is Pee Wee.
He's sort of a mascot around here.

Everybody likes Pee Wee.
Yeah, I know, except I don't like kids
hanging around me.

- What's your name?
- His name's Whitey.

Hello, Whitey.
Here, cut yourself a pair of diapers.
Gee, for me? That's swell.
Over there's the band room
where the fellows practice.

- Got any poker players in the mob?
- No smoking, Whitey.

Just plain, nice boys, huh?