Boys Town

Come on, gangway in here.
Come on, open it up, buddy.

Boys, something tells me we're gonna
have to use a lot of patience with Whitey.

But I don't think he's half as tough
as he thinks he is.

Hey, Red.
Take this bag of Whitey's, will you?

Service, huh?
Mammy. Mammy.
Now I'll show you around.
- Do you have to do that?
- That's what we do.

- Hello, Pee Wee.
- Grab them kind of young, don't you?

- Hey, what's your name?
- Go on, beat it, kid.

This is Pee Wee.
He's sort of a mascot around here.

Everybody likes Pee Wee.
Yeah, I know, except I don't like kids
hanging around me.

- What's your name?
- His name's Whitey.

Hello, Whitey.
Here, cut yourself a pair of diapers.
Gee, for me? That's swell.
Over there's the band room
where the fellows practice.

- Got any poker players in the mob?
- No smoking, Whitey.

Just plain, nice boys, huh?
Hey, Whitey, I bet you can't do this.
Yeah, watch this, kid.
Step back, will you? Give me room.

You're wonderful.
What? Are you kidding?
Hey, what's the skyscraper over there?
That's our own branch
of the United States Post Office.

Well, what do you know about that?
Mo, I'm tired.
Listen, Pee Wee, why don't you stay here...
and play mumblety-peg
with your new knife?

I can't carry you.
Mo, come on. I'm tired.
All right. Okay, here we go.
Up. Attaboy.
On a clear day,
you can see Omaha from here.

Yeah? Then what you got?
That's our baseball field over there.
One of our players has just been signed
by the St. Louis Browns.

- I like the Yankees.
- You would.