Boys Town

Hey, how did you get to be Mayor?
Did Flanagan make you Mayor?

No, Father Flanagan didn't.
I was elected by ballot.

We have an election every six months.
- I voted for you, Freddie.
- I know you did, Pee Wee. Thanks.

Just like playing house, huh?
Say, Whitey, you carry me for a while,
will you?

No, I might drop you.
There must be a lot of kids
taking on the lam around here...

with no fences or anything.
No, there never was a wall or a fence
around this place.

Father Flanagan once told us...
that a fence can't keep a fellow in
if he don't want to stay in.

- It's all worked on the honor system.
- Honor system?

A guy'd be a dope to try to do anything
around here with 200 spies...

ready to run and tell teacher on him.
There's no squealing.
Whenever you do anything wrong...

you go to Father Flanagan
and squeal on yourself.

Hey, you wanna know something?
I think you and Father Flanagan...

and this whole joint is screwy.
Now, get this, Whitey.
You think you're a lot different
from the rest of us. You're not.

We've got a lot of tough guys in this place.
Guys that'll take you apart
and put you together again like a watch.

Any time you get an idea like that,
let me know.

You can depend on that, Whitey.
When I get the idea, I'll let you know.
Say, Whitey, Father Flanagan
wants to see you in his office, right away.

I was having such a good time.
Well, see you later, Mayor.
Come in.
All right, Pee Wee, go.
You're cold, Pee Wee.
Getting colder.
Warm. You're red hot, Pee Wee.
You're red hot.

You took the biggest piece, didn't you?
So you've been a good boy,
have you, Pee Wee?

Yes, Father.
Do you know what I think?
I think you've been extra good...

and that makes a great deal of difference
around here when you're extra good.

Then everybody's happy,
aren't they, Pee Wee?

There, now you think that's enough
for a really good boy?

Yes, Father. Thank you.
- Can I sit in the leather chair, Father?
- You bet your life.

I'd love to have you sit in the leather chair.
Go ahead, Pee Wee.