Boys Town

Well, see you later, Mayor.
Come in.
All right, Pee Wee, go.
You're cold, Pee Wee.
Getting colder.
Warm. You're red hot, Pee Wee.
You're red hot.

You took the biggest piece, didn't you?
So you've been a good boy,
have you, Pee Wee?

Yes, Father.
Do you know what I think?
I think you've been extra good...

and that makes a great deal of difference
around here when you're extra good.

Then everybody's happy,
aren't they, Pee Wee?

There, now you think that's enough
for a really good boy?

Yes, Father. Thank you.
- Can I sit in the leather chair, Father?
- You bet your life.

I'd love to have you sit in the leather chair.
Go ahead, Pee Wee.

Well, how do you like the place, Whitey?
The more I see of it,
the more I don't like it.

Well, you will like it.
I'm clearing out of here
the first chance I get.

There's a chance for that
any hour of the day or night.

My hunch is, though, you won't take it.
I'll give you odds on that.
If I was a betting man,
I'd take you up on that.

- Is that all?
- That's all.

I like Whitey, Father.
You and I, we like everybody,
don't we, Pee Wee?

- He give me this.
- He gave you that.

Yes, he gived it to me.
Goodbye, Father.
- Hello, Mr. Morris.
- Hello, Pee Wee.

- What you got, the mumps?
- No, candy.

- Say, what's your name?
- This is Mr. Burton, Pee Wee.

Hiya, Burt... Mr. Burton.
He's the chairman
of Father Flanagan's board.

I'm gonna be Mayor someday.