Boys Town

Do you suppose I'll ever have any sense?
Why, sure, Tony, you've got a lot of sense.
Of course, you have to exercise it,
so it'll grow.

People will always be trying to help me.
- I want to do things myself.
- And why not?

I'm counting on you to be
the Mayor of Boys Town.

They want a fellow
who's good at football and baseball.

Somebody they can cheer.
Tony, there's a true story about a man...
who was very ill for a long time.
But he had courage, he got well.
People began to cheer him
for a lot of things.

And he became
the President of the United States.

And I only want to be
the Mayor of Boys Town, someday.

- Good night, Tony.
- Good night, Father.

- Hiya, Tony.
- Hello, Mo.

Hey, Hillbilly, everything's set.
- Kid stuff.
- Good night, Pee Wee.

Here he comes now.
Who's the smart guy
that doused the lights?

A bunch of wise guys in here, huh?
Very funny, boys, very funny.