Boys Town

- Hiya, Tony.
- Hello, Mo.

Hey, Hillbilly, everything's set.
- Kid stuff.
- Good night, Pee Wee.

Here he comes now.
Who's the smart guy
that doused the lights?

A bunch of wise guys in here, huh?
Very funny, boys, very funny.
Come on, White-Wings,
I want to get trimmed.

Okay. Trimmed is right.
Yes, sir. Snappy, says I.
Nice and neat now, my man.

None of that egghead business, get me?
By the way, how did you enjoy your golf?
That joke died last night. Leave it lay.
What shall we discuss, Your Lordship?
This great little metropolis, Boys Town.
- I'm afraid I'm beginning to like it here.
- Goody.

Yes, sir. In fact, I think I might even stay.
- A light trim. How's about it?
- Not bad.

No, sir, not bad at all.
Now, give me a massage.
I thought you were kidding.
I ain't kidding.
The works, baby, the whole works.

Going down.
Okay, boss.
- I'm going to give you...
- I ain't crazy about barbers gabbing.