Boys Town

For a month you will milk one cow a day,
night and morning.

You mean that I'm gonna have to...
The second month, two cows a day.
That's for contempt of court.
May I suggest that for the fight
they seem equally guilty?

What's the moving picture
for tomorrow night?

- Buck Rides Again.
- Gee whiz.

You will both attend the movie.
Hot dog.
You will stand in front of the hall
with your backs to the screen...

while we watch the show.
Mr. Mayor, before you dismiss them...
come on now, boys, no hard feelings.
Shake hands.

Okay. Shake the hand
that's going to milk 90 cows, kid.

Next case.
Goodnight, gentlemen.
I seen that picture, anyway.
I seen it in Madison.

- No good?
- Terrible.

Buck rides over the hill, shoots a bandit,
rides back over the hill...

scoops up the gal,
they all live happy ever after, nothing to it.

Hey, a pool room.
Come on in, I'll shoot you a game.

No, you can't. That's for the Mayor
and the Commissioners.

Those guys got it pretty soft, ain't they?
Say, I think I'll run for mayor.
Why don't you? I'll vote for you.
- Check.
- And you can vote for yourself, that's two.

Look, you and me, we're supposed
to be pals, you understand?

Me, too, Whitey.
Can he vote, too?
- Honest?
- Yeah, but only once.

You know what I'd make you
if I was elected Mayor?

- What?
- Finance Commissioner.

- What'll I be, Whitey?
- The forgotten man.

- Would I show them an election.
- Yes, siree.

My friends...
- comes the election, we'll all play pool.
- Yippee!

Leave it pretty long
so it'll cover that roller skate.

Hi, Tony. Been scouting around for you.
Look, you ain't kidding yourself about
you got a chance for Mayor, are you?