Boys Town

Say, I think I'll run for mayor.
Why don't you? I'll vote for you.
- Check.
- And you can vote for yourself, that's two.

Look, you and me, we're supposed
to be pals, you understand?

Me, too, Whitey.
Can he vote, too?
- Honest?
- Yeah, but only once.

You know what I'd make you
if I was elected Mayor?

- What?
- Finance Commissioner.

- What'll I be, Whitey?
- The forgotten man.

- Would I show them an election.
- Yes, siree.

My friends...
- comes the election, we'll all play pool.
- Yippee!

Leave it pretty long
so it'll cover that roller skate.

Hi, Tony. Been scouting around for you.
Look, you ain't kidding yourself about
you got a chance for Mayor, are you?

- Well, I have some friends in school...
- Sure, I know, but use the noodle.

You got to get around
if you're going to be Mayor.

Look, I'll tell you what I'll do.
I'll shove you in as a Commissioner...
then you won't feel like you bit off
more than you could chew.

There's only six Commissioners.
You've promised 10 that I know of.

There's no hard feelings after election.
You're a boss then. They got to take it.
Forget yourself, for the good of the school.
Tell your friends to vote for me.

That's the big deal. I'll treat you right.
You've given me an idea, Whitey.
- I'll think it over.
- Atta-kid.

- Hi, Whitey.
- Mousehead.

Hiya, big shot.
Hey, Freddie.
There ain't no reason
why fellows running...

against each other for election
can't be friends.

You've been Mayor
for about six months now.

Don't be sore if the fellows think it's time
they had a new one.

It's all right with me,
so long as it isn't you.

Rather staggering, no doubt about that.
We've seen them like this before,
haven't we, Dave?

- Well, what?
- There's a way out.

You refused admission last year
to over 800 boys, no room.