Boys Town

I'm awfully sorry this happened.
I'll get to the bottom of it.

Maybe I can find my toothbrush.
You mean, maybe someplace
you haven't looked?

Yes, Father. It might be there.
Pee Wee.
You know, Pee Wee, when you don't
look at me straight in the eyes...

I think maybe you don't like me.
- You said 30 days, Mr. Burton?
- Right.

The only solution you have to offer
is to turn away the boys who cannot pay...

and take in the boys who can.
Every man on your Board of Directors
feels the same way.

I'm afraid we'll have to think
of something else...

because that cannot be done.
Will you leave me alone with the problem?
What are you going to do about it?
Something I do very privately,
say a prayer.

We've been through some
pretty tough spots together, haven't we?

I can't send boys away, not any of them.
Eddie, if you can pray your way out of this,
I'll join the school.

And another thing...
I'm not going to say anything personal
about one of the candidates.