Another Thin Man

Hey, wait for baby.
Come in.
Butterfield 84597.
- Where'll we put these, lady?
- Put that there.

- And put that there.
- Yes, ma'am.

And put that here.
Yes, sir.
Now, don't be rude. You'll get yours.
Mrs. Merrick, please.
- Is the baby all right?
- Yes, ma'am, he's asleep.

Would you wait
until the new nurse comes?

Yes, ma'am.
Don't forget to remember to drop in often.
It's always a pleasure, Mr. Charles.
Here's another of those
''call Long Island operator number 15.''

Don't you think you ought to call?
Certainly not. She knows better than that.
I told her I was bringing
the wife along this time.

Why do I always take it for granted
that you're kidding?

Hello, darling.
We just got in a little while ago.

Will you bring up a passkey
for that connecting door?

- Yes, ma'am.
- Thank you.

We had a lovely trip.
Nick was sober in Kansas City.
That's a very bitter woman.
Tonight? We'd love to.
I haven't been to a night club in... Hello?
I'm sorry, it's Long Island again
and they insist on cutting in.

Yes, I'll tell her. Go ahead, Long Island.
Hello, Nora? This is Col. MacFay.