Another Thin Man

Now, don't be rude. You'll get yours.
Mrs. Merrick, please.
- Is the baby all right?
- Yes, ma'am, he's asleep.

Would you wait
until the new nurse comes?

Yes, ma'am.
Don't forget to remember to drop in often.
It's always a pleasure, Mr. Charles.
Here's another of those
''call Long Island operator number 15.''

Don't you think you ought to call?
Certainly not. She knows better than that.
I told her I was bringing
the wife along this time.

Why do I always take it for granted
that you're kidding?

Hello, darling.
We just got in a little while ago.

Will you bring up a passkey
for that connecting door?

- Yes, ma'am.
- Thank you.

We had a lovely trip.
Nick was sober in Kansas City.
That's a very bitter woman.
Tonight? We'd love to.
I haven't been to a night club in... Hello?
I'm sorry, it's Long Island again
and they insist on cutting in.

Yes, I'll tell her. Go ahead, Long Island.
Hello, Nora? This is Col. MacFay.
Don't you ever pay any attention
to your messages?

Well, how are you?
How is the famous detective?

Quit, has he?
I should have thought...
with all the publicity he got
over the last two cases.

I see.
Listen, young lady,
I've sent my car in for you.

The weekend? I don't think...
We just got off a train.
And there's the baby, you know.
I'm afraid...
It's a trap.
He just wants to get me there
to go over that yearly statement.

It isn't about business, is it, Col. MacFay?
I told you.
Can't it wait till you come to town?
No, I'm not coming to town.
I'm just staying close to the house
for a while.

You've got to come to me this time.
Well, that's not much to ask.
Very well, we'll come.